Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Maelstrom, Pitt's 2022 Japan Documentary Film Award, screening in Pittsburgh on September 29.

The documentary Maelstrom, which was named winner of the 2022 Japan Documentary Film Award over the summer, will screen in Pittsburgh on September 29 as part of the SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Festival. The award is given biannually by the University of Pittsburgh's Japan Council and the SCREENSHOT: Asia festival.
Maelstrom is [Mizuko] Yamaoka’s story of “loss and rebirth” due to a drastic life change from a car accident that damaged her cervical vertebrae. A profoundly humanist tale of tragedy and rebirth, Yamaoka's intimate documentary is both a telling of her own losses and a portrait of human experience.
The documentary will play at the Alumni Hall Auditorium in Oakland (map) from 7:00 pm, and tickets are available online.

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