Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Franchisee aims to open five Paris Baguette cafes in Pittsburgh.

While searching for updates on the two Paris Baguette cafes in progress in Pittsburgh I found an online interview with Ali Shah, the franchisee behind these two restaurants. The chain's official publicity outlet delves a little into his background and motivations:
Asif Shah, a long-time entrepreneur who has owned both gas stations and restaurants for nearly 20 years, is bringing Paris Baguette, the global bakery café franchise, to Pittsburgh with a five-unit agreement. The first café is projected to open at 8013 McKnight Road in May with a second at 5514 Walnut Street following later this year.

Partnering with his daughter, Shah says he looks forward to bringing the Paris Baguette experience to a neighborhood that has nothing like it. Compared to the drive-thru and pick-up models that run rampant today, Paris Baguette provides “a more beautiful experience,” he said.
. . .
1851: What is the one thing about your story you want us to know?

Shah: In Pittsburgh, we have Starbucks and Panera. They are okay, but it’s totally different at Paris Baguette. Paris Baguette wants to make sure guests come in and take a look at what we have. We want the guest to walk into the café and stay a while. I really like that model.

Walking in, looking around and picking your own pastries from a buffet-style display, then being able to sit down and relax to enjoy your food… It’s a more beautiful experience.
Paris Baguette is a chain of bakeries ubiquitous throughout South Korea that has over 150 locations across the United States. The menu boasts a wide variety of cakes, baked goods, sandwiches, juices, and coffees, in addition its eponymous French bread.

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