Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Korea's Brush Theater returns to Pittsburgh's Children's Theater Festival with "Poli POP!" May 17 - 19.

South Korea's Brush Theater will once again appear as part of Pittsburgh's Children's Theater Festival with "Poli POP!" from May 17 - 19.
Poli and Pola don't want to go to sleep. The siblings start off playing with toys in their bedroom, competing against each other to be the leader of the room, but then their imagination takes them on a surreal dreamlike journey full of surprise and joy. BRUSH Theatre uses incredible technology and special effects to transform the set from an empty room to far away islands, roaring seas, the Egyptian desert, busy cities, dance parties, and more! But the duo don’t know there’s something else lurking in the shadows… a ferocious alien monster! What will they do?

A wonderful follow up to BRUSH's recent Doodle POP, this colorful and playful new theater production uses live musicians who perform the accompanying score and sound effects, stunning interactive animations and painted projection mapping, and an abundance of theatrical imagination.
The duo performed "Doodle POP" here in 2022. The performances are at the Pittsburgh Playhouse on the Point Park University campus downtown (map), and tickets are available online.

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