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Impression of Taiwan: TenDrum Art Percussion 十鼓擊樂團, May 22, part of Pittsburgh Taiwan Night.

The Pittsburgh Taiwanese Association will bring Impression of Taiwan: TenDrum Art Percussion 十鼓擊樂團 to Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh Taiwan Night on May 22, part of 2024 Taiwanese American Heritage Week. The evening consists of opening remarks, an awards ceremony, a performance by local musicians, and a musical event by TenDrum Art Percussion 十鼓擊樂團. The evening starts at 6:30 pm at the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center in the North Hills (map). Tickets are available online.

Please join us for an evening of performance that will impress you on the beauty of Taiwan through spectacular drumming music that conveys the history, scenery, and culture of this island country!

//Program Introduction//

IMPRESSION OF TAIWAN shows the scenery of Taiwanese and indigenous people ,the scenery of the countryside, humanities, mountains and rivers. "Take person as a teacher, take everything as a teacher, and take heaven and earth as a teacher", it is the three life mentor that anyone must learn as they grow up. "Living in peace with nature" is the core belief of Ten Drums.

//About Ten Drum Art Percussion Group (Tainan, Taiwan)//
For thousands of years, Taiwan, known as “Formosa,” the island of the sea, has nurtured rich natural resources and a diverse cultural scene. The “Ten Drum” group, composed of enthusiasts of percussion arts, actively gathers Taiwan and world drum music cultures, refining exquisite percussion art.

The “Ten Drum Art Percussion Group” was founded in the spring of 2000. The mission of the group is to pass on and create Taiwan’s regionalized culture and promote the inheritance of percussion art. The character “十” (ten) symbolizes overlapping drumsticks, gathering energy from all directions to unite and consolidate strength.

Over the years, the music creations of the group have been well-loved by audiences. Utilizing local themes, landscapes, and elements of diverse ethnic percussion, they have enriched the traditional appearance of percussion art and amazed the public with the diversity and excitement of drums.

“Ten Drum” connects the unique characteristics and styles of urban operations through the power of culture. In 2007, the “Ten Drum Culture Village” was established in Rende Township, Tainan County, aiming to further the development of an “Asian Drum Music Exchange Platform.” The group hopes to awaken national attention to traditional drumming, aiming to create a vibrant, diverse, indigenous, and forward-thinking drumming culture in Taiwan, and ultimately make Taiwan a famous “Island of Drumming” in the world.

Event Presented by Pittsburgh Taiwanese Association
Sponsored by Overseas Community Affairs Council of TAIWAN in New York



//十鼓擊樂團介紹 (台灣台南)//





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