Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Fantuan / Just Order Enterprises Corp. (饭团) hiring Mandarin-speaking Business Development Specialist.

Just Order Enterprises (also known as Fantuan), is a delivery service catering to Asian restaurants and groceries that expanded to Pittsburgh last summer, is hiring a Mandarin-speaking Business Development Specialist.

Fantuan was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. With a mission of “life made easier,” the company is a one-stop platform providing food delivery (Fantuan Delivery), reviews (Fantuan Reviews), an errand service (Fantuan Rush), e-commerce and marketing services. Fantuan is one of the top Asian life-services platforms in North America, currently operating across Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York and other metropolitan areas in Canada and the US.

Job Title: Business Development Specialist (Sponsor H1B, OPT or CPT)

Job Responsibility:

1. Facing local merchants, understand the business status and needs of the merchants, combine the needs of consumers, select and design marketing and operation plans that fit for the merchants, negotiate and reach cooperation with the merchants, and promote the increase of merchant transaction volume.

2. Incorporate the company's marketing strategies, policies and marketing activities to independently accomplish performance goals.

3. According to the current market situation and customer response, the corresponding strategic direction is formulated through data analysis, and the value of cooperation with cooperative merchants is continuously improved to achieve a win-win situation between merchants and the platform.

4. Maintain new and old merchants, establish stable and high-value cooperative relations, and maintain long-term repurchases.

5. Cooperate with departments to process and feedback market information in a timely manner, improve operational efficiency, and improve user satisfaction.

Experience & Qualifications:

1. More than 1 year of sales experience, strong execution ability; upright, honest and reliable.

2. Familiar with the local market, be good at tapping customer needs and have insight into all new things.

3. Love sales and challenges, positive and optimistic, have a strong desire for success and an enterprising spirit.

4. Have a strong learning ability and adaptability, adapt to the rapid development of the Internet industry, be energetic, and have the ability to perform tasks well under high pressure.

5. Have strong interpersonal communication and logical thinking skills, be able to accurately catch product advantages and customer psychology, and efficiently integrate internal and external resources to promote sales performance.

6. Full of passion and innovative ideas, pursuing a win-win situation for personal career development and company interests.

7. Those who have mobile Internet sales experience are preferred; those who are familiar with the supply chain industry are preferred; those who have major customer sales experience and can accurately locate KP are preferred. Job highlights. Be able to quickly build sales skills and vision. Join a fast-growing learning team to quickly improve comprehensive ability and obtain better development opportunities.

岗位名称: 市场开发专员(支持CPT,OPT,H1B)
















  • 能够较快的建立销售技能及视野。
  • 加入快速成长的学习型团队,快速提升综合能力,获得较好的发展机会。


薪资: $40,000.00至$60,000.00(每年 )


  • Mandarin (首选)

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