Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Asian grocery chain still in the mix for former Hill District Shop n' Save location.

Fresh International Market is still among the tenants being considered for occupants of the former Shop n' Save Hill District location reports Public Source. It was first reported in June that the chain, which was started in Michigan in 2012 by Bowen Kou, was considering a location here. The store, writes Public Source,
would be the seventh in the small Midwestern chain, and would feature an affordable mix of produce, fresh and live seafood and dry goods. It would also include a juice bar and a bakery — but would not have expensive offerings like $6 organic avocados, said Bowen Kou, president of the company.
Hill District residents have until the end of the month to vote on their preference of tenant. The others in contention are Pierre Development, Family Tree Food Market, and Salem's Market and Grill.

While the city could certainly use a large, destination Asian grocery, the Fresh International Market proposal is admittedly the weakest of the four, is competing with merchants with longer histories in the area, and was reportedly submitted after the deadline.

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