Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Fantuan / Just Order Enterprises Corp. (饭团) hiring Mandarin-speaking Operations Manager (送餐部经理).

Just Order Enterprises (also known as Fantuan), is a delivery service catering to Asian restaurants and groceries that expanded to Pittsburgh last summer, is still hiring a Mandarin-speaking Operations Manager.

Fantuan was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. With a mission of “life made easier,” the company is a one-stop platform providing food delivery (Fantuan Delivery), reviews (Fantuan Reviews), an errand service (Fantuan Rush), e-commerce and marketing services. Fantuan is one of the top Asian life-services platforms in North America, currently operating across Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and other metropolitan areas in Canada and the US.

For more positions, please click https://fantuan.ca/en/jobs/


· Assist recruitment, training, performance appraisal of the delivery team

· Analyze and statistic data to improve the efficiency of the delivery team and user experience

· Dealing with unexpected situations during daily operations

· Complete tasks assigned by other supervisors


· Good at innovation and manage team

· Strong communication, coordination and organizational skills

· Strong executive and promotion ability

· Responsible and purposeful, able to suffer from pressure and challenges

饭团是一家北美互联网生活服务公司,主要业务包括饭团外卖、饭团点评、饭团跑腿,结合中式优质服务与北美先进大数据技术,以互联网思维推动生活服务行业变革。 目前,饭团已覆盖温哥华、多伦多、卡尔加里、蒙特利尔,西雅图,洛杉矶,纽约等加拿大及美国主要城市,为海外华人乃至所有海外消费者提供更加便捷、高效、智能的生活服务


· 辅助配送团队的招聘,培训,绩效考核等

· 根据日常数据的统计及分析提高配送团队的工作效率,提高用户体验度

· 处理日常运营过程中出现的各类突发状况

· 完成其他主管临时交予的任务


· 头脑灵活、能够创新工作,具有较强的执行能力

· 良好的沟通、协调和组织能力,内部资源整合调配能力

· 较强的执行能力和推动能力;具有良好的语言表达能力

· 责任心与目标感强,能承受压力和挑战

更多职位,请点击 https://fantuan.ca/zh/jobs/

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