Sunday, September 5, 2021

New York-based Chinese-owned fastfood chain 98K coming soon to Squirrel Hill.

A reader points out that 98K Hamburger, which just put signage up on a Squirrel Hill storefront, is part of a chain of heretofore New York City-based restaurants. That roster includes 98K Kennedy Halal in Brooklyn, a 98K in Brooklyn and a 98K in Flushing, and 98K Hamburger in Brooklyn. The Pittsburgh signage includes "NO:0006," though it's not quite clear what the fifth location might be. It will open at 5867 Forbes Ave. (map), though construction is still in progress.
Prior to 98K the location had signage up for Chatea, a bubble tea place that had been under construction since July 2020 but never materialized.

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