Saturday, September 18, 2021

Pittsburgh Public Schools hiring ESL teacher with proficiency in Chinese.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools is hiring an English as a Second Language teacher, with a proficiency in Chinese, for the Squirrel Hill area.
Paraprofessional Salary Schedule (starting at $3, 061/month)

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
- A High School diploma or equivalent is required.
- At least sixty (60) college credits in a related area are also required.
- Written and oral proficiency in English and Chinese is a prerequisite for this position
- Experience working with students where English is their second language, specifically Chinese, is preferred.
- Vocational experience in an urban setting is preferred.
- Familiarity with various student assistive devices is also preferred.
Residency RequirementsCity of Pittsburgh Residency Required
Essential Job Functions
1. Assisting the classroom teacher with the use of instructional materials and technology
2. Making phone calls, arranging meetings, and facilitating other related parent outreach
3. Maintaining confidentiality when discussing individual students and/or families
4. Implementing culturally responsive instructional techniques with ESL students
5. Utilizing culturally responsive behavioral strategies with ESL students
6. Assisting the teacher with class preparation and/or lesson implementation
7. Supporting ESL instruction in small student groups as needed
8. Adhering to all building level duties and responsibilities
9. Preparing and organizing teacher materials and classroom supplies as necessary
10. Supervising and assisting students in the completion of their assignments
11. Monitoring students in the classroom, at lunch, and at recess, as well as in transit from one area to another
12. Assisting with the implementation of the prescribed course of ESL study and behavior management plans for each student
13. Assisting in completion of all clerical duties
14. Assisting with student transportation, such as meeting a cab outside or assisting students with boarding the correct school bus
15. Assisting in the maintenance and care of equipment
16. Assisting on fields trips

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